Ball Type Concentrator

The Roundness vacuum concentrator ( concentration tank) serves to herbal medicine, western medicine, food, glucose, juice, candy, chemical engineering etc.  The vacuum of the liquid concentrated, crystallize, recycle, distil, alcohol recovery etc.

This equipment’s primarily contain concentration tank, condensate and gas-liquid separator.  The concentration under reduced pressure brings short time of concentration and prevent the destruction of effective content in the thermal sensitive material.


The roundness concentration tank, consisting of the main body, condensate, gas-liquid separator, and liquid receiving barrel, serves to concentrate, distill the material liquid, and reclaim organic menstruum in the pharmacy, food, and chemistry.  The concentration under reduced pressure brings a short time of concentration and prevents the destruction of the effective content in the thermally sensitive material.  The fact that the part in contact with the material is made with stainless steel brings qualified anti-corrosion performance, meeting with the GMP standard.


The equipment has the functions of heating and heat preservation.  It is manufactured, pressure-tested, and checked by the <Technology Specifications for Steel Welded Vessel>.

The standard specifications from 25 USG to 3000 USG and order design or order manufacture are all available.

The joint is of quick-acting type in compliance with ISO standards.  The inner part is made of SUS316L or SUS304.  At the tanks, the body is respectively fluid level gauge (the mode is non-contact supersonic, static-pressure transmission or glass tube), breathing apparatus, sterilization steam opening, the rotometer (digital-indicated type or dial type), CIP universal tank-cleaning device, view mirror at lamp hole, some fluid inlets & outlets and herringbone hole.


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