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Legal notices and Except as otherwise noted, the text and graphics provided on Proextractionusa’s web site.  This info is copyrighted by Proextractionusa l and/or one of its affiliates.  Proextractionusa does, however, permit visitors to make a single copy of information published on Proextractionusa’s web site.

Either for their personal, non-commercial use or use within the organization that employs them.  Proextractionusa’s name, logos, and trademarks (©, ®, TH) may not be otherwise used.  It cannot be use by the visitors in any manner without the prior written consent of Pro Extraction USA.




The information published on Proextractionusa’s web site is provided without charge as a convenience to visitors.  Is it to be used for informational purposes only.

Although Proextractionusa has made reasonable efforts to provide accurate information.  Tthere may be inadvertent technical or factual inaccuracies and typ

ographical errors.




Proextractionusa does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links, or other items contained on or accessed through Proextractionusa’s web site, and Proextractionusa expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in these materials.  Proextractionusa reserves the right to make changes and corrections at any time, without notice.


The information provided on Proextractionusa’s web site is provided “AS IS,” “AS AVAILABLE.” 

Proextractionusa makes no commitment to update the information contained on this web site.


The legal notices assumes no responsibility for and expressly disclaims all liability for errors or omissions in.  Proextractionusa can and use or interpretation by others of, any information presented here or contained on any linked sites, or on any other site accessed by.

It can also be or through Proextractionusa’s web site, or any site from which any person may have accessed Proextractionusa’s web site.




Visitors to Proextractionusa’s web site assume all responsibility and risk for the use of Proextractionusa’s web site. Proextractionusa expressly disclaims all liability with its legal notices for the use or interpretation by others of information contained in this web site.  Decisions based on information contained in Proextractionusa’s web site are the sole responsibility of the visitor.

In exchange for using Proextractionusa’s web site the visitor agrees to hold Proextractionusa and its affiliates harmless against any claims.  The visitor also agrees to hold Proextractionusa harmless for damages arising from any decisions that the visitor makes based on such information.




By providing any information (such as feedback, data, answers, questions, comments, suggestions, plans, or ideas) to Proextractionusa the visitor agrees.  The visitor agrees to the legal notices that all such information shall be non-confidential.  Proextractionusa shall have unlimited rights to use (or not use).

Proextractionusa has also the right to distribute (or not distribute), reproduce (or not reproduce), and disclose (or not disclose) such information.  This information can be used worldwide as Proextractionusa deems appropriate, without compensation or acknowledgment of its source.




Proextractionusa’s rights of ownership in such information shall extend to, and Proextractionusa shall be free to use.  Any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in information a visitor provides.

Anything provided to Proextractionusa through Proextractionusa’s web site, including but not limited to developing.  Not limited to manufacturing, and marketing products or services incorporating or otherwise based on such information.

Proextractionusa and its affiliates disclaim all warranties, representations and endorsements, express or implied.  It is also with regard to information accessed from or via Proextractionusa’s web site, including but not limited to all express and implied warranties.

It will also include the warranty of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and freedom from computer virus.




In no event shall Proextractionusa with its legal notices be liable for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages.  It will not be liable  for any other damages of whatsoever kind resulting from whatever cause, including but not limited to lose of use, loss of profits, or loss of date.

Whether in an action under theories of contract, negligence, or strict liability, or otherwise, arising out of or in any way.

Nor can it be in connection with the use or performance of the information on, or accessed through, Proextractionusa’s web site.

Proextractionusa does not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information disclosed at or accessed through Proextractionusa’s web site.  Reference in Proextractionusa’s web site on legal notices to any products, services, processes, hypertext links, or other information, by trade name, trade mark, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or simply Proextractionusa’s endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation.

For questions or concerns pls contact Proextractionusa.

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