Unregulated CBD Oil Products

To reiterate: CBD oil in not the same as “hemp oil” or “hemp seed oil.”  Some companies are manufacturing inferior products by spiking hemp seed oil with a CBD isolate.  Such products lack the synergistic array of beneficial components found in full-spectrum CBD-rich oil.

Unfortunately, there is little oversight for manufacturing hemp-derived CBD products, which can lead to confusion and deception.  Many hemp-derived products are mislabeled as to CBD and THC content.  And poorly processed CBD oil may be contaminated with dangerous solvent and pesticide residues, thinning agents, corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors, and other toxins.

If possible, it’s better to obtain CBD oil product from licensed dispensaries in states that have legalized cannabis for therapeutic or personal use.  These states are likely to have stricter safety standards for CBD oil products than states or countries that refuse to regulate the booming CBD industry.  Read the ingredients carefully before purchasing a CBD oil product, and look for evidence of laboratory tests and verification of CBD concentrations when buying a CBD remedy or supplement.

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