Steam Quality

Steam Quality and how to improve the steam dryness?

Steam dryness can reflect the quality of steam.   Additionally, if the steam contains 10% moisture, it means that the steam dryness is 90%, or the dryness is 0.9.  Also, the higher the steam dryness, the better the steam quality.  In addition, the production of the factory has very strict requirements for the dryness of steam.  The higher the quality of the steam, the better the product’s quality.

The lower the steam dryness, the more harmful the water vapor is.

Such as:

  1.  Corrosive steam delivery pipeline.
  2.  The defective rate of the product increases.
  3.  A water hammer appears.

Moreover, the correct use of boilers can improve steam quality. 

The following four points are crucial:
  1. The use of better water treatment equipment can improve the steam dryness.  Ensure a qualified supply of soft water, reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water, and regularly check the quality of boiler water.
  2.  Good blowdown habits can improve steam dryness.  No matter what kind of water treatment equipment can’t get 100% pure water (distilled water cost is too high, the use of distilled water in the operation of the boiler is not worth the cost).  With the use of the boiler, the impurity content of the water in the boiler will continue to rise.  Only regular blowdown or continuous blowdown can improve the water quality in the boiler.  Discharge the insoluble substances in the boiler and the ions that easily generate insoluble substances.
  3.  Ensuring the stability of the water level in the boiler can improve the steam dryness.  With the operation of the boiler, the water is continuously consumed, and the water level will continue to decrease.  If the water level is too high, it will cause a large amount of water to enter the pipeline and reduce the steam dryness.
  4.  Avoiding overloading the boiler can also increase the dryness of the steam.

Finally, the above four points are ways to improve the quality of steam.  In addition, the purchase of a boiler with a more reasonable structure can also improve steam drying.

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